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Quentin Quail


The quince is not quite blooming yet, but I needed a picture of it for this post, so I took one from a couple of years ago.

This poor lonely quail is looking for a mate. Not sure there is one in the neighbourhood for him to find, but I made one up for him.

I quail at the thought of the poem I am going to inflict on you today.

Quentin Quail is on a quest,

He quills a questionnaire,

Querying and quizzing all,

To find a queen so fair.

Quite a queue around the quince,

For lady quails so quaint,

Topknot quivering in the wind,

Our Quentin’s feeling faint.

“That’s queer,” he quips so quietly,

“She can’t be from Quebec,

And yet she calls with quality

Out of her pretty bec.”

Quentin quicksteps forward now,

He’s feeling like a prince,

Quavering he offers quiche,

And she will offer quints.

His family quota is fulfilled,

His hopes have not been quashed,

The former quandary is solved,

Of cares, his hands are washed.

Quentin will become a dad,

Of kiddies eight, nine, ten,

But now he wonders just what kind

Of quagmire he is in.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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40 thoughts on “Quentin Quail

  1. Poor little quail. I hope he finds a mate soon! Those pictures are so very beautiful and so is the poem.

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  2. That’s delightful! 🙂 I love the little quails with their feather awnings – so cute! And their ability to run is amazing. I hope he finds a mate, poor guy.

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  3. I love your poem, Anneli, so fun! I think we call those birds a California Quail down here, a beautiful bird.

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  4. Love the poem with all the “Qs”.

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  5. Such a quixotic character! I think you captured his quiddity. This quinquagenarian friend (and then some) loves the poem. Feel free to disabuse my use of these words!

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  6. Wonderful, Anneli! A lot of fun to read and wow, impressive use of ‘qu’ words! 😀

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  7. This lonely little quail inspired some fine verse. 😊

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  8. That’s an adorable poem! And the quail. I love quail. We don’t have too many this year because of that stupid bobcat, I’m sure. I’m sure you know this, but quail mate for life. Maybe he lost his love? Or he’s looking for someone to spend eternity with.
    As far as quince goes, until I was an adult (no longer young either) I thought quince was a fairy tale word.

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  9. Quell now! I did read and laughed. Lots of Que-ing going on there. Captain helped? Yes..an Apple I phone. Best addition to my life so far. Hugs to the quete couple:)


  10. Another one for you to save for your poem anthology!!! xo

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  11. You are a talented poet and story teller. I love your poem. So many “Q’s” made it even funnier and fun.

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  12. That’s a lovely poem. Everybody needs somebody… I hope the quail will find its companion soon.

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