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Wilma the Pileated Woodpecker


Wilma is a pileated woodpecker. She doesn’t have the red slash that the males have under their cheek. Wilma is a juvenile. Her red topknot is not yet fully developed.

She is hungry for insects, her main food.

“Oh, look! There’s Anneli’s garden,” says Wilma. “She’s always complaining about the bugs in it. I should check it out.”

“Now let’s have a look. Yup! Lots of weeds, so that’s good for my bug search.”

“Just got to make sure that dog of hers isn’t around. That Emma can be a real nuisance.”

“Okay, first raised bed. Hmm … nothing but stray poppies and weeds. What gives?”

“And over here, she hasn’t even planted anything … other than a few rocks.”

“These oriental poppies look pretty. Buzzing with bees inside them. But I’m looking for bugs, not bees.”

“Okay, so that was a bust. I think I’ll just stick to my roaming around and around these fir trees, and maybe check out a few stumps.”

“By the way, you want to hear my dad calling? He is magnificent!”

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42 thoughts on “Wilma the Pileated Woodpecker

  1. Wow, dad is very loud! Wilma is a very pretty girl too, another fun post, Anneli! ❤️

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  2. Dear Anneli,
    GREAT pictures and funny text. We love it!
    Happy weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. Great photos, Anneli! I love woodpeckers. He’s handsome!

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  4. Very sweet post, Anneli. I miss our Pileated Woodpeckers on our Tiny Ten Acres in Missouri. Wilma has a lot to say. I love it. Your photos are such a treat!

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  5. It really is a treat to hear the Pileated Woodpeckers calling out. I love sitting outside first thing in the morning with my coffee and listening to all the “conversations” going on around me. Beautiful photos Anneli!

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  6. I rarely see them foraging on the ground. Nice portrait shot. Whenever I hear their call I almost think I’m in the tropics and not an Ontario forest 😏

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  7. So funny and cute! 😀 Lovely photos.

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  8. Wilma looks so funny with the red cappy on her head. I love to watch the woodpeckers.


  9. Solch wunderschöne Spechte, leider gibt es diese Art bei uns nicht. Danke das du diese tollen Fotos geteilt hast .
    Liebe Grüße Werner.

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    • Bitteschoen. You’re very welcome, Werner. It’s so great that you share photos of birds we don’t know on this side of the pond, and that sometimes I can share some of ours that you don’t have over there. Have a great weekend.


      • Das ist das schöne am Bloggen ,man lernt etwas was man vorher nicht kannte. Man sieht Tiere auf Fotos, die einem völlig fremd sind. Diese gehören für andern zum täglichen Leben und sie berichten uns darüber.
        Es sind Menschen die einem mit der Zeit vertraut sind wie gute Freunde. Ich habe von diesen Freunden schon einige persönlich kennen gelernt und bin mit ihnen zusammen auf eine Fototour gegangen. Es gibt auch noch einige offene Verabredungen, die auf Grund meiner Erkankung noch nicht eingehalten werden konnten . Das alles zusammen macht Bloggen für mich so interessant.
        Liebe Grüße Werner.

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        • I agree with your ideas about blogging, Werner. Not only do we have so much to share (which, as you say, may seem “everyday” to us) but it is new for other people in some other part of the world. And of course, over time we make friends with people as we follow their blogs. Like many bloggers, I love that part too. I hope you’re doing well and that you’ll enjoy a good summer of “knipsen.”


          • Ich bin zur Zeit auf einer kleinen Tour um zu testen wie es geht. Ich habe seit meiner Operation noch nie eine große Strecke mit dem Wohnmobil gefahren . Ich habe nie darin geschlafen, all das testen wir jetzt um dann in 3 Wochen eine größere Tour zu fahren. Es ist bis jetzt alles sehr gut gegangen, dass wir ohne Sorge in die Zukunft blicken können.

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  10. I love Wilma’s hairdo. Ha ha. She does look like a teenager. And thanks for the “call.” Now I know what makes that noise in my forest. 🙂

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  11. Wow. So cool! Great shots Anneli!

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  12. Great series of photos and an interesting story of Wilma the Woodpecker Anneli, I like that you included the video of the very loud call too, I hope he doesn’t start doing that too early in the morning though!

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  13. Wilma’s daddy has a very piercing and insistent song! She’s a beauty, too. Love the clarity of the photos!

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  14. Wow..love this gorgeous woodpecker..

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