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Hunting Lesson for Reuben the Robin


“A mother’s work is never done,” says Roberta Robin.

“Come on, Reuben. We have to teach you to hunt for yourself. I can’t keep doing this for you.”

“This is what we’re after.”

“Now watch carefully and I’ll show you how to hunt for these yummy earthworms.”

“First, you have to listen. That means you don’t shuffle your feet and you don’t squawk and run around. That sends them underground.”

“But they ARE underground, aren’t they?” Reuben asks.

“I meant ‘figuratively speaking,'” Roberta says with a sigh. “You’re overthinking this. It’s just a worm hunt. So you lean over like this, close to the ground, and listen. And keep your eyes open too because you might see the grass wiggle as they try to escape.”

“Then when you hear one making a run for it–”

“But they don’t have any legs. How can they make  a run for it?” Reuben asks.

“FIGURATIVELY speaking!” Roberta sighs. “Why me? Why did I have to give birth to a little professor?”

“As I was saying, when they make a ru– er… a bid for freedom, you snag ’em with your beak. You might have to dig and peck a little but if you’re quick you’ll get the worm.”

“So it’s the quick bird that gets the worm,” Reuben says. “Not necessarily the early bird.”

“Here you go, Professor Reuben,” says Roberta. “Now you try it. The next one I get will be for me, so you’d better try hard to get your own. That’s it. Get that ear to the ground.”

While I grab a bite for myself at last!


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23 thoughts on “Hunting Lesson for Reuben the Robin

  1. Nice photos of these cuties! I like how you add a story too, Anneli. Worms can’t taste too good though, yuk. 😂

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  2. How funny you picked robins today. My sis just told me she has a robin’s nest with five eggs! Usually, she only gets bluebirds.

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    • I miss seeing bluebirds, but it’s about the only thing I miss about living up in northern BC. And we only saw them in the spring and summer, but they were the first “real” sign of spring.


  3. I love robins! Thanks for your photo series and the sweet story accompaniment.

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  4. Great photos, Anneli and a refreshing story to go with them. Thanks, Anneli. ❤

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  5. I love Robins. Great shots, Anneli!

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  6. A teaching moment, nicely captured 😊

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  7. Cute little story to accompany your amazing photos. Robins are so much fun to watch with their youngsters.

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  8. Ha! Your story made me laugh, Anneli, “literally speaking.” Wonderful photos as always. 🙂

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  9. Hahaha….what a cute and sweet picture story, Anneli! I kept smiling as I read them and looked at the photos. Yes, it may not be easy to pull the tasty, long earthworms out of the ground. As a Robin you have to learn that first. 🙂
    Anneli, I wish you all the best!
    Rosie from Germany 🌹🌹

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  10. Very good pictures of those pretty robins. I like the teaching lesson from mother robin to her big baby!

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