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The Reluctant Fireplace


This huge stone fireplace was meant to give comfort on a chilly evening. Originally it was without the gas insert. The firebox was roomy and deep and the wood fire gave a cozy feeling. The problem was that just on that kind of night when the wind was howling and the rain pelting down, the chimney allowed gusts to blast down it, blowing smoke back into the house.

A gas fireplace insert was the solution. We decided on a Jotul brand, which allowed for the best fit, and prepared the gas lines and the electric cables for running the fan.

The next step was to install the Jotul insert that the company ordered for us. When it arrived, so did trouble. It had been damaged in shipping.

“No problem,” they told us. “We’ll order another one from our supplier’s warehouse. It’ll be here in less than a week.”

“That’s okay,” we said. “It’s only March, and summer is coming. We just want it to be ready for when winter comes.”

The big day came, sometime in April. Time to unload it. “Oops! This one is damaged too. We’ll order another one, but there are no more in the warehouse; it will have to come from Maine. It could take a couple of weeks.”

The stove arrived, and …. Yup! You guessed it. It was damaged in transit. Another stove was ordered. Now we had to get in line. Seems there was a backup on orders.

Finally, in late July, the stove arrived — right in the middle of our big heat wave. But at least, this time, it was not damaged.

To burn off the  new metal and some of the chemicals from the stove, we let it run for a few minutes. All the while, our air conditioner was working overtime to compensate.

But at last, we had the prospect of some cozy winter mornings by the fire.

It only took four months. I’m glad we started early.

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26 thoughts on “The Reluctant Fireplace

  1. Hard to imagine the need during the dog days of summer but it sure will be nice in a couple of months!

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  2. That is a beautiful fireplace. Too bad you had such trouble with it and had to install a gas insert accompanied by further issues. Glad it worked out in the end, though. There is nothing like a good fire on a cold day. 🙂

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  3. Now that’s a story!
    We have two fireplaces: one wood-burning in the living-room, and agas one in the small dining’room. The latter comes in very handy when we are having breakfast in the colder days, as it’s lit easily and quickly takes the chill off that area. Luckily we have never had any smoke problems with our wood fireplace. That, especially the sound of the crackling wood, makes the living-toom very cozy.

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  4. Wow, that’s a really beautiful fireplace, Anneli! Your home is beautiful. It seems very odd that so many units were damaged in transit, why? People just not caring about their work I guess. I can feel the heat!

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  5. I wonder if that’s where we’re headed, with repairs. This chip shortage has played havoc with so many orders (though that wasn’t the problem you were having).

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  6. Well, I think it was worth the wait. The fireplace is stunning! I hope your A/C doesn’t break down from working overtime.

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    • I only use the A/C when I’m desperate because I hate “living in the fridge,” but when it gets sweltering, I’m thankful to have it. I’m pleasantly surprised about the gas insert. I was afraid it would look like an afterthought (which it actually was).


  7. The fireplace is beautiful, and now so much easier to get a fire going. I have two gas fireplaces, and I admit I love the convenience, but I sure miss the output of heat from my former wood stove insert. Like you, however, I do not miss the dust and tidbits of wood, slivers in my fingers, and having to go out to split kindling and firewood. Enjoy your new fireplace.

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  8. It’s soooooo beautiful.

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    • Thanks, DK. We often felt like we wanted to make a fire but one blast of blowback gust in a windstorm was enough to make us change our minds. So now we should get a lot more use out of the fireplace.


  9. What a long wait, but at last you’re all set for winter. The fireplace looks lovely!

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  10. Four months! Still, it will be more than worth it on those dark rainy winter evenings.

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  11. That´s a beautiful fireplace. Good thing you ordered it so early. Now you can enjoy it and it´s clean too.

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  12. It’s probably hard to imagine you’ll ever need a fireplace when it’s so hot, Anneli, but it’s a good thing you held on through the shipping nightmare, for there will be a day when this new insert will be such a comfort to the wintry weather.

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    • You’re right, Jet. Hard to believe we’d ever want heat! Right now our A/C is acting up and we’ve resorted to a fan until we can get it fixed. But I can vaguely remember wishing for more heat and this winter I think the gas insert will come in very handy for a quick shot of heat until the furnace does the job each day.

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