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A Savoury Haircut


My savoury plant was in dire need of a haircut. I’m sure it thought its usual hairdresser had gone out of business with the lockdown following the Covid outbreak. Imagine its surprise when the hairdresser came along with her shears and gave it that long overdue cut.

When the leaves are dry, I’ll strip them from the stems and put them in a jar to use throughout the winter until next year’s crop is ready.



My tendrils grew so wild and free,

And I no longer looked like me.

My tresses dragged, my body sagged,

And every passing bug got snagged.


I knew I was in dire need,

I looked like hell, oh yes indeed.

So when the pruners clipped my hair,

Someone responded to my prayer.


They saved my growth for other use

And saved me from this rude abuse

My leaves when added to the food,

Impart great flavour when it’s chewed.


And I no longer look so wild,

With hair like some unruly child.

I now look pretty, tidied up,

The folks will taste me when they sup.


It’s how I pay the salon fee

A cut and set that pampered me.

I’m glad that I won’t go to waste

And give to food a lovely taste. 


Author: wordsfromanneli

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23 thoughts on “A Savoury Haircut

  1. I have never grown savoury, but I was surprised how much it looks like a mini rosemary plant. Nice little poem to go along with the great photo! Yummy….

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    • It does look a bit like rosemary but it’s a softer plant. You wouldn’t have any trouble growing it, Sonja. It’s very forgiving so even I can grow it. And it’s a perennial so once you have it, you have it.


  2. I was wondering how a haircut could be savoury… ❤️☺️

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  3. Wow! You really gave it a buzz cut, Anneli!

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  4. Sweet poem and a very relatable post!

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  5. Lucky savoury. I didn´t cut mine and it finally died. I should plant s new one. Very nice poem!

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  6. Beautiful poem Anneli.

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  8. My new front lawn would like to have a haircut! Might get the shears out later in the week.

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