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The Easy Way


While Charlie and Chester the chickadees got their sunflower seeds from the sunflowers in the garden, Nathan the nuthatch found an easier way to get his share.

This jar of seeds is meant for the squirrels, but when they aren’t looking, Nathan zips in and steals a seed. He doesn’t linger at all, making it more of a Dine and Dash situation. At any time Jasper or Lincoln might come and put the run on him. It was hard to get a clear picture, zoomed in from the deck of the house, and needing to snap it quickly as Nathan only stays at this jar for a split second.

“Do you know who’s been into my stash?”


Nathan Nuthatch loves his seeds,

Not so much the work.

Squirrel food will meet his needs,

Though his theft might irk.


Jasper tries to guard the stash,

Lincoln also helps,

Nathan is afraid they’ll bash

In his skull, and yelps.


“Look how much you have to eat,

Yet you will not share,

Food laid out for you so neat,

This I just can’t bear.


“If the seeds you will not share,

I will have to steal,

Flying quickly I will dare,

But won’t stay to peel.


“In a pinch I’d get my own,

From the tall sunflowers,

But until my cover’s blown,

This will save me hours.”




Author: wordsfromanneli

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37 thoughts on “The Easy Way

  1. Picture–poem–perfect. What a lovely start to my day.

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  2. So fun, Anneli! Lincoln is such a cute little dude. ❤️☺️

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  3. Of late, it is mainly the deer that steal the bird food here!

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  4. Cute poem, and those photos are STUNNING. Wow.

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  5. Clever bird 😊. As squirrels raid feeders, fair is fair.


  6. I love seeing pictures of and hearing about your cute little menagerie. Great photo of the nuthatch – yes, they are so quick!

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  7. You are amazing! (As amazing as Nathan, who is fast, but not as fast as Anneli the photographer and poet. Another poem (and photos) to file for your book!

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  8. Love your photos and the poems!

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  9. Great poem, but Oh the competition! We feed the squirrels, chipmunks, and birds, and sometimes the battling is fierce even though there’s more than enough for all. Great photo, Anneli, considering how hard it was to take!

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  10. Who doesn’t love Nathan and Lincoln? Wonderful, Anneli.

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    • Your comment reminds me of when I asked my class what they thought about the animals in Charlotte’s Web. Did they think the animals were talking to Fern, or was she just imagining what they were saying. They ALL agreed that the animals really said all the things in the book. They really could talk. (After all, hadn’t I just read it to them?) So I guess I’ve just gone along with that way of thinking about my own animals here in the yard.

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  11. Love this..makes me smile 😃

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  12. I love the stripy faces of your nuthatches. Ours are very similar, but no stripe, and are super-streamlined; I’ve heard people call them Concord birds. They also like feeding on peanuts while hanging upside down!

    Squirrels and birds aren’t very good at sharing, are they!

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  13. Anneli, this funny story is so cute and makes me smile! There is also a Nathan in our garden, but there are definitely several. They like to come, because we always have delicious sunflower seeds.
    Thank you, Anneli, for your lovely post! ☺️💝

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