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Be Careful What You Wish For


We waited all through the long cold, wet winter and spring for a few sunny days to come our way.

Since the middle of June, the heat and sun have been pretty much relentless. Now, in late August, I’ve learned to be careful what I wish for.


Grass is parched and plants have wilted,

Weather forecasts all sound stilted,

Every living thing has thirst,

How I’d love a good cloudburst.


Hanging baskets wilt and wail, 

“Give me water from that pail!”

Sun is great, but heat’s a pain,

Don’t you think it’s time for rain?


I no longer wish for sun

Too much heat is not such fun,

Sunshine scorches all I see,

Moderation is the key.



Author: wordsfromanneli

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33 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. That picture is gorgeous.

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  2. That’s a beautiful photo, Anneli! I like the poem too, I hope you get that much-needed rain.

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  3. Such a beautiful photo – the sky almost looks like it has been painted. Yes, it was so hot. I won’t forget my M calling my attention to the thermometer next to our deck slider showing its 46°C (in the shade) in late June. Going outside was like entering a walk-in oven.

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  4. I think we’re all hoping for rain, it’s soooo hot! Wonderful photo, Anneli!

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  5. yep, that is us where we live. finally got some rain, not much but a little is better than none.


  6. Great poem. Terrific photo! ❤


  7. I hope you get some rain soon, Anneli. Gorgeous photo!

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  8. This is a very beautiful photo Anneli!
    I hope you will get a lot of rain very soon.

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  9. We woke up to 41-degrees this morning, a 60-degree temp swing in a matter of two weeks. The weather is so strange. It’s supposed to warm up again… The heat and drought has been really tough this year. I hope it’s not the new normal.

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  10. Where do you live Anneli? I have many friends in ‘hot’ areas but we had the worst summer ever! We had hardly any hot days and so much rain, more rain and terrible storms. When it got hot however, temps just jumped over 10°C in the day so that one couldn’t cope with that change either. Elderly ppl got completely exhausted, throwing off their jumpers and jackets, just to hunt for them a day or two later.

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    • On Vancouver Island We don’t usually get this much heat or drought; just enough to make us appreciate a bit of rain. It’s getting worse though. This summer was particularly bad,

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      • Oh I visited VI when I was a very young woman. Everybody called it little Switzerland, just as green, similar to Switzie and with usually just a good mix of rain and sunshine. Loved it!
        But then, weather is getting worse and worse thanks to all of us who have been ‘playing fast and loose’ over all these years, ignoring all signs of climate change etc…. now it’s payback time – to the costs of our children and theirs.
        But anyway, I won’t grow veggies any more, I’ll go for flowers only in the future. When our ‘precious goods’ should ripen, it’s also the time when fresh vegetables are to be had from our vicinity and at realistic prices. I bought Swiss toms for less than 3.- CHF this morning, which was a steal.
        In France I bought them in season for one € when a promotion was on! I spent way more on water bills for my own scrawny toms. Give my love and greetings to Emma and your beautiful home land Vancouver Island!

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