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All Masked Up



First it was the dog, growling and barking at me, and now it’s that woman waving her camera around like she’s a journalist and I’m the star of her freak show. I can see the headlines now: Masked Bandit Hides in Tree

Only one thing to do, and that’s go higher and stay put. The woman doesn’t look like she’s much of a climber – not at her age.

Emma, her dog, can jump a few feet, but of course, she can’t climb.



Well … let’s see … what’s the best way to get up here?

I’ll just have a stretch before I climb any higher. Get limbered up before I go up the limbs.

Ouch! I forgot about my owie. Think I scraped it the other night going up a tree in a hurry. Couldn’t really see where I was going and I gave myself a sore arm on one of those broken branches.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, check out Mrs. Journalist. Yup, she’s still standing there pointing that black thing my way. Well, at least she can’t identify me with my mask on, so I can cause any kind of mischief I want. But I am complying with all the Covid rules – I have my mask on …  which is silly, because we’re outdoors in the fresh air.

When will she stop pointing that camera at me?

Sorry, but I’m a bit camera shy.

She’s a brazen one! Still there. Still pointing that gadget at me. Good thing I have a mask on for anonymity as well as for Covid. But still, still, still….

I’d better stay hidden behind the tree. I’ll just peek out now and then to see if she’s gone yet, and to make sure that dog isn’t around.

Reggie Raccoon felt quite brave around noon,

He just couldn’t wait until dark.

Running so hard across Anneli’s yard,

He leaped up the nearest tree’s bark.


Rushing he scrambled, his fate he had gambled,

He came close to losing his tail,

Emma, the jumper, leaped up to his bumper,

It’s lucky her snap was a fail.


Author: wordsfromanneli

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36 thoughts on “All Masked Up

  1. I know that raccoons can be such a garden problem but they are so cute! And so is Emma with her little feather. Lovely photos, Anneli – such a lift to see.

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  2. Many coons were not so fortunate where I worked.

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    • They can get to be a real nuisance. That’s the trouble when animals get used to living near humans.

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      • Our standard procedure was to lock and load. a .22 caliber magnum long gun with a scope is the perfect tool to drop them from the trees.

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        • Sometimes you have to do that, but I hate to see it. When there are way too many and they start hanging around where people are, this is sometimes the only solution. When people feed them it can cause problems too. Recently a raccoon attacked a woman coming home from walking her dog (on a leash) and raccoons attacked her and her little dog right by her own yard. Her neighbour had been feeding the raccoons.


  3. They are so cute but also a pest. Very good pictures and a nice little poem!

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  4. Wow! Great shots, Anneli. I know raccoons can be a nuisance, but they sure are cute.

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  5. So that’s what a raccoon looks like! Brilliant photos! So cute and the sweetest funny story of its thoughts! Emma looks slightly bereft and confused, bless!

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  6. How very cute. The peeking-out raccoon is perfect. Your puppy–is her ear hurt or just bent awkwardly? She’s darling.


    • Emma’s ears are so long that sometimes when she’s cavorting around, one of them flips over and that’s what you’re seeing now. She’s not hurt. She just has sloppy ears. Thanks for the visit and comment, Jacqui.


  7. Great shots, Anneli, and great text! 🙂
    I can still remember Sally and Buster sitting under the trees in Karnes City and barking a storm up when there was a raccoon in the tree. Ad I also remember the time when the raccoon literally got scared shitless and dumped the contents of its bowels on the doggies, which were sitting just in the right spot under the tree to be at the receiving end. 😉 And I certainly remember me having had to clean them up. 😀

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  8. Very nice series of photos. A good thing Emma’s reach is short 😏

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  9. Anneli, you have outdone yourself with these photos. The last one is stunning as is your header. And Emma looks so innocent and proud. Love the raccoon’s story and of course your verse. Happy Labour Day!

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  10. Wildlife can be aggressive..we have racoons destroying my garden..but they are very photogenic.

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  11. I enjoyed this very fun post, Anneli. Your photos of the raccoon are really wonderful, capturing all the features that make a raccoon so beautiful. The dialogue was great fun, too. I’m chuckling here, thinking about the poem, as well. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

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  12. Fabulous photography, Anneli! Were you worried that Reggie was out and about in the daytime?

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