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First Dampish Days


A dampish day, but that’s okay,

The sky is overcast,

The garden’s wet, so I’m all set,

The watering chore is past.


A squirrel hops, he looks, and stops,

He chatters to my face,

Then turns to run and have more fun,

At some much safer place.


I pick a pear and am aware

That rabbits like to chew,

If fruit should fall to ground at all,

It’s nibbled through and through.


The garden thrives and gives up chives

To make a lovely sauce,

But not the squash, it was a wash,

Complete and total loss.

I’m glad that kale does not get stale,

It’s growing, slow but strong,

This healthy plant in soup just can’t

Make anything go wrong.


A lonely rose, so bravely grows,

And blooms its last few days,

But come next year, you must not fear,

Again, it will amaze.

Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

41 thoughts on “First Dampish Days

  1. I love the poem and photos, Lincoln is looking healthy! ❤️🇨🇦❤️

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  2. Love this ..the poem is top of my list but I love seeing that little squirrel.

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  3. We’re still waiting for the dampish days, Anneli. And a funny year for squash, wasn’t it? Here too. A cute poem about the changing season and the goings-on in the yard. Wonderful photos. 🙂

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  4. I loved your poems and your rose is incredibly beautiful. A rainy day here as well. Good to catch up on housework and blogging. 🙂

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  5. Lovely. My sister said the weasels (I think) take one bite out of corn and then abandon the rest of the ear! And her acorn squash is all done now. The last few looked fairly meager.

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  6. Fantastic poem, Anneli! The rose is stunning.

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  7. Nice to see some rain I bet! Do you have your own pear tree?

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  8. A beautiful rose and Lincoln is looking in fine fettle!

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  9. Lovely photos and poem!

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  10. Thanks a lot for this choiciest of choice of your best, animals, veggies, rose….. My one and only surviving squash plant grew to a measly 40cm, had some blooms but no growth, not a single squash, I pulled up the tomatos, they depressed me deeply, the tiny fruits half-foul, of my originally 7 plants I had maybe 6 tiniest tomatos, and out of 2 cucumber plants one died off and the surviving one (actually the ONLY veggie to survive this wet summer) gave me 3 cucumbers so far. Strange but hey ho, at least I don’t have to make of living of it as so many should and can’t, thanks to this terrible weather.
    Great fun-poems too!

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    • I’m blaming the weather this year (mostly). Too cold and wet in the spring and suddenly too hot and dry for the rest of the growing season. I’m just thankful that I don’t have to depend on the garden to live, but it I did, I would be much thinner next year.

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  11. Reading this with Marlene’s most recent post is perfect. She writes about us slowing down, and your post encourages exactly that. So what happened with the squash? The blossoms didn’t turn into fruit?

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    • That’s exactly right. The photo I used is from last year and at least it had a squash on it. I had absolutely NONE this year. The plants got flowers and then nothing happened. All season long, nothing! No bees? Too hot? Too dry? I don’t know.

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  12. Enjoyed the tour through your garden with beautiful photos and commentary through your entertaining poetry! One of your best Ms. Anneli. Thank YOU, xox

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  13. Anneli, a delightful and entertaining poetic post celebrating your garden and nature! The squirrel is so cute and the rose the stalwart as autumn approaches; yes, they will all be back next year! Enjoy your home-grown goodies!

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    • Thank you so much, Annika. I usually feel a bit sad when summer is over, but it has been so hot and dry that I’m enjoying the autumn days more than usual. That squirrel and his friends make sure I don’t get any of our filberts for the third year in a row now, but I’d rather have the squirrels around than have the filberts all to myself. Thanks for the visit, Annika, and have a great weekend.

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  14. Anneli, here in Germany, too, the autumnal days are slowly coming. In the last few days we still had wonderful sunshine, so the wonderful tomatoes in the garden made me happy.
    I love your poem an the photos, especially the squirrel is so cute!
    Thank you, Anneli!

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    • Thanks, Rosie. I hope you have an autumn with good weather. I think we all deserve it. Thanks for visiting and reading my poem. I agree, the squirrel is so cute. I love having them around. They’re so friendly and tame.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

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  15. I love that moment when the madness of summer is over and autumn is just standing there quietly with all its fruits and colours. Although, I know for you it’s the prologue to the rainy season!

    Lovely rose.

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