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Pigs, Music, Books


We know that pigs are smart.

I read somewhere that pigs like music, especially Mozart’s compositions. While this piece is not by Mozart, it is a German song often sung by community choirs, so maybe that inspired the pig to learn to play it. It is called “Komm, Trost der Welt” (Come, Comfort of the World), and refers to the night and how it brings consolation, respite, and relief to many  who work hard all day long and have a lot of cares.

You can see that I used the music sheet that the pig is playing from as part of the cover of my novel “Julia’s Violinist.”

The pig is not a character in my book, but once he learns to play the song, I’ll teach him to read so he can enjoy “Julia’s Violinist.”

You can buy this novel for less than the price of a hamburger at amazon if you have Kindle, or at smashwords.com if you have any other kind of e-reader.  Just click on the image of the book on the sidebar of this blog.



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27 thoughts on “Pigs, Music, Books

  1. I’ve always wanted a pet pig! He’s a cutie. I’m sure he’ll enjoy your book, Anneli!

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  2. Everyone enjoys reading this novel, why not the smart pig?

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  3. So glad to see your little pig enjoying that beautiful piano. I’m sure he will enjoy “Julia’s Violinist” as well, once you teach him how to read.

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  4. I’ve always loved the cover of your book, Anneli.

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  5. A wonderful read, Anneli. I didn’t know the significance of the sheet music on the cover (beyond just being sheet music). Of course you would make that meaningful, and the perfect selection for a riveting story.

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  6. Anneli, a great way to share about your book and I think you’ll soon have a talented musician and fluent reader on your hands! 😀😀 The cover is wonderful and after I read a little of your book on Amazon I was instantly hooked and just had to read more and I’ve bought the book! Can’t wait to finish it! An immense and emotionally wrought project and book. Hugs xx


    • Thank you very much, Annika. Julia’s Violinist is one of my favourites, so I really hope you enjoy it. It takes place in a time of upheaval, but I tried to add small bits of humour to balance the serious parts. You’re so right about the emotional part. Tnx again.

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  7. Smart pig, and very clever!

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