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A Hard-earned Treat


Even though the summer has been dry, the blackberry vines were loaded. Emma has learned that the pain from pokes and prickles of thorns is worth the trouble.


She loves blackberries.

Her tender little nose takes a lot of punishment in order to get at the berries.

Some are not so willing to fall off and be eaten. Emma doesn’t mind pulling.

If only I could teach her to place them in a container for me without slobbering on them, and bring them to the house.

When I pick berries for myself I’m always sure to pick the ones that are higher than about a foot off the ground.


Once I saw my people pick,

Blackberries from bushes thick,

Why not do the same as them?

Looks like they are quite a gem.


Sure enough, the taste was fine,

But my poor lips bit a spine,

“Yikes! That hurts,” I yelped in pain,

Then I tried it once again.


Sweet and juicy was the taste,

Not to eat would be a waste,

Now I grit my teeth and pull,

And eat berries ’til I’m full.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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34 thoughts on “A Hard-earned Treat

  1. Blackberries are so good, especially when they’re that fresh! Emma is very determined in her blackberry pursuit. Yes, her poor nose must take a beating!

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  2. That’s perseverance and resilience in equal amounts and I feel for Emma and her nose! But yes, the blackberries are definitely worth it. I picked my first lot yesterday and will return many more times this coming month, wearing trousers not shorts! Those prickles are sharp! Loved your poem and a smiling start to the weekend!

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    • Thank you, Annika. I hate picking blackberries so much! Prickles, wasps, spider webs … but apparently Emma doesn’t mind. I do love the berries, but I try to get the Captain to pick them and I promise to do something with them.

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  3. Now that’s really interesting. I’m kind of chuckling with these pictures of Emma eating the blackberries.
    Have a great weekend,

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  4. Nice that your berry yield was good despite the weather. Seems like there’s plenty to go around 😊

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  5. She’s a beautiful and brave dog! ❤️


  6. Your dog is so happy. Healthy, shiny coat–I think she enjoys her life, Anneli.

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  7. Emma must love those berries very much that she gets them despite getting stung in her nose and soft lips.
    Very nice little poem!

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  8. So cute, Anneli. My brother’s dog loves blackberries too. It’s so funny to watch them picking and eating them. Adorable poem. And yes, pick the high ones for yourself. 🙂

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  9. That is really sweet, Anneli. How did she know they were safe to eat? I always wonder that about animals. There are so many poisonous berries out there. Did I ever tell you that I had a dog I found (and kept) many years ago who knew how to pull bark off twigs to eat?

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    • In this case, she saw us eating them, but I don’t think dogs always know if things are safe to eat. Our springer spaniel once took a couple of bites out of a mushroom in our backyard. I found the half eaten mushroom later. Ruby (spaniel) was SO sick. Both ends. I went around with a bucket and shovel and dug up every mushroom I could find for the next two years and I think I got most of that kind. If I see one anywhere in the yard, I get rid of it right away.

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  10. Brave, brave Emma! I admit, I love blackberries but I love dogs even (way much) more…. Those shots are precious – and as much as I love those juicy berries, I would now only go for the thorn free sorts. We had some last year at a friends’ place and although I hardly believed it, they were SO tasty.
    I’ve subbed to your blog and I believe I’ll greatly enjoy your meandering thoughts. You seem right up my alley. Kiki

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