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Fall Crocuses


These crocuses don’t bloom until the autumn. In spring, they only have big green leaves which then turn yellow and wilt away. But in the autumn when everything else is dying and other blooms are finished, the flowers of this type of crocus pop up and bloom all alone without their leaves.

The Crocus family is having a meeting. They’ve seen Anneli coming along with her camera.


“It’s picture time. Stand up straight, everyone!” says Ardyth. She’s the tallest crocus, the third one from the right. She likes to think she’s the boss.

They all stand up straight, noses in the air.

All except one. There’s ALWAYS one!


“Look at me, guys!” Mitch yells from his place on the ground. “I’m a python. I can swallow an animal whole. No teeth needed, no siree. I just open my big jaws and … GULP! Down the hatch! … Impressive, eh?”


If you could look into their faces, you would see the other six crocuses rolling their eyes. A breeze comes along to help them move as  they all shake their heads slowly.

So much for the family photo.

Ardyth sighs. “Oh, that Mitch and his snake fantasies.”

The row of well-behaved crocuses stretch their noses higher into the air.

“We’re being good, Ardyth,” they whisper eagerly. “But remember last year, when Gerald teetered back and forth until he finally leaned over backwards so far that he fell over and yelled, ‘Look at me! I’m a FALL crocus!'”


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30 thoughts on “Fall Crocuses

  1. They have lovely color and are cute! ☺️

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  2. Crocus with attitude 😊. I saw them for the first time last year, very pretty.

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  3. These blooms are so beautiful, but yes, I would be tempted to dig them up and get rid of them. I would feel awful if my cat (or dog or human) ate one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think I will do that. For now, it’s okay because Emma doesn’t spend time in that part of the yard (fenced off) but next year when the first leaves pop up so I know where they are, I will dig them out. There are a lot of toxic plants out there, but these sound very bad.


  4. Gorgeous color! But we don’t want anyone getting sick.


  5. Didn’t know any of that about crocuses, Anneli. They are beautiful.

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  6. Lovely. I didn’t know about autumn crocuses. So nice to have their lush freshness in Sept.

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  7. I also didn´t know that there are fall crocuses. They are pretty. Can´t you plant the bulbs in a pot and set it in some place where Emma can´t get at them? Looks like everything in your garden can talk, must be noisy some times…

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  8. Dear Anneli,
    we see these crocuses blooming around here as well. Now we know, we have to talk to them that they behave well when photographed.
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  9. Oh, this is so interesting, Anneli. I’d never heard of fall crocuses. Yours are lovely and cheerful. ❤

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  10. Beautiful but toxic! In France, I had plenty of them, and most of them fell over, sooner or later. I called them the ‘fall guys’ – and you just showed with your wonderful petite histoire that you had the same idea. Thank you for a lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t realize that they are so poisonous until I did this post and checked it out. I’ll be removing them before next season. They do seem to fall over a lot, hence fall crocuses seems a more appropriate name than autumn crocuses. 😉


  11. I had no idea there were fall crocuses. Your ‘family’ story is adorable.

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  12. Wow! Lucky to have crocuses blooming in Sept.

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  13. I never knew that they bloom in other seasons than spring, too.

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