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The robins who flew down from the snowy hills a few days ago are having their Thanksgiving dinner. They may eat a few worms and bugs for meat, but the “robins’ version of cranberry sauce” for their dinner comes from these pyracantha berries by our house. Wikipedia says the berries are not poisonous although they contain miniscule amounts of a cyanide-like compound (heavy on the like, I hope). The berries are probably not harmful or I would see dead robins all over the place. They certainly gobbled down a lot of them, as they do every year at this time.


“Sure not much left on my plate,” he says, judging by all the emptied stems.


“But I think I spy a fat, juicy one down there.”


“Is it Anneli’s camera, or is this berry a bit fuzzy? … Never mind. It tastes pretty good just the same.”


“Ahh! That hit the spot.”

“And what are the rest of you Canadians having for your Thanksgiving? I hope your dinner was as good as mine. In my case, it may be just berries, but don’t we have a lot to be thankful for, even in these troubled times?”



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46 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Great photos, Anneli! Such a cute bird. ☺️🇨🇦

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  2. Beautiful images..Happy Thanksgiving…Turkey Day.

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  3. Sweet photos. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  4. I love the robins and your photos are so good! I’m glad they’re getting plenty to eat. Happy Thanksgiving! We do have lots to be thankful for, I agree.

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    • I used to think robins weren’t worth bothering with because they are so common around here, but I’ve learned to appreciate their many habits and their colouring and so much more. The zoom on my camera does a good job as long as a twig or a leaf doesn’t distort the focus.

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  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Anneli! Gorgeous photographs.

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  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all of us!
    Your pictures are always welcome to my breakfast table, they perk up my day.

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  7. Such wonderful photo’s …

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  8. Your photos are beautiful, Anneli. I like robins because they’re fun, cute and so pretty. They like to be at home in our garden. We have set up nesting boxes and bird feeders in which they peck diligently.
    Anneli, be well and stay happy!
    🍂 🍁 Rosie

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  9. Fabulous photos, Anneli! Happy Thanksgiving.


  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Anneli. My thoughts are with you today.

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  11. Like your photography. The Common Robin adds energy and cheer to our outdoor spaces. Happy song, flitting in the air or hippity-hopping on the ground. We do have so much to be thankful for. Your blogs add sparkle to our day!

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    • Thanks, Marsha. I only realized how pretty robins are when I started taking pictures of them and was able to notice their colouring in more detail. Have a good Thanksgiving weekend – what’s left of it.


  12. Berry nice series of images Anneli! Pretty sure the robin is thankful that you have a tree full of berries for it to feast on. Happy thanksgiving 😀

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  13. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Anneli! These photos! Such dear birds. We don’t have robins here that I know of. Of course, we did in Michigan because the robin is the Michigan state bird!

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  15. Anneli, your photography is remarkable. And your delightful dialogue adds so much fun.

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