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Under Cover


A few nights ago, while I snuggled under the covers, the outside world was also being put under a cover — from freshly fallen snow.

The hummingbird feeder I had taken down to be out of the wind on the exposed deck, was no longer nestled among the branches that the birds used to love to sit on. (See the photo below). It had become a snow trap. Any bird venturing into the maze of bent down boughs might get a snow shower which, in the case of a tiny hummingbird, could be fatal. I had some work to do but I fixed up a place for the hummingbirds to feed safely.

The regular birdfeeders needed a place that was safe from the Steller’s jays who would gobble up the whole contents of the feeder. I had found a place in the branches of the filbert (hazelnut) tree.Β  But then it snowed. Can you find the feeder to the left of the tree trunk and about four feet off the ground? The birds were happy to scratch up spilled seeds under the tree.

The Steller’s jay is quite the bully no matter where I put the seeds.

Pretty as the snow is, I worry about my poor little animals out there, scratching for enough food to keep warm and stay alive.


Last night the air was oh, so cold,

It chilled me to the bone,

My sparrow girlfriend, oh so bold,

Was shivering on her phone.


She called her snowbird friends last night,

They’d almost all flown south,

And she was wishing that they might

Have messaged her by mouth.


She’d gladly be in warmer climes,

While leaving me behind,

Their happy chirps melodic chimes,

As sunshine they did find.


But here in Lotus Land of North,

The snow moved in and covered us,

To find some food we must go forth,

Lest heavy branches smother us.


The hedge and shrubs have been a boon

But still we have to eat

And battling jays from morn till noon

Is always quite a feat.


Those greedy birds take so much food,

They spill what they don’t need,

We have to fight the whole darn brood,

So we can get some feed.


My girlfriend had the right idea,

To call her friends who left,

But if she’d gone, I sadly fear,

I would have been bereft.


Together we will pick at seeds,

To bolster up our strength,

Then later when we’ve met our needs,

I’ll cuddle her at length.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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39 thoughts on “Under Cover

  1. It looks great, with the snow. πŸ™‚ Do you still have hummingbirds? Ours have long gone, migrated to warmer climes.

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  2. Gorgeous photos, Anneli. What a cute poem!

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  3. Keep up the good work, Anneli. They depend upon you!

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  4. Thank you for looking after our feathered and furred little friends. Lovely post, Anneli.

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  5. The snow looks so peacful and quiet. And your decorated tree is so pretty. I think all your birds make it over the winter as long as you feed them and it doesnΒ΄t get too cold. Thanks for the lovely post!

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  6. WOW, dear Anneli, that looks great with the snow! The snow makes everything look so much more beautiful. Unfortunately, we live in an area were we have hardly any snow.
    We have to protect our birdfeeders from the squirrels.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    • That’s funny about the squirrels getting at the birdfeeders. Here it’s the other way around. I put out food for the squirrels and the birds come to steal it. (I also have birdfeeders out for the birds, but I guess the squirrels have so much to eat that they don’t bother with the feeders. They have all the filberts they stole off my trees, and many big fir trees with cones that they love, PLUS what I feed them – walnuts and sunflower seeds. We probably have the fattest squirrels in the world living right here in our yard.)
      Have a great weekend, KB.

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  7. It sure looks pretty but certainly tough on the birds. The jay is a handsome bird, too bad he’s a bully.

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  8. The snow is pretty, Anneli, but I also worry about the critters. We’re just rainy here, but we’re keeping everyone outside well fed. Cute poem too. πŸ™‚

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  9. Love this Anneli.and beautiful photos.


  10. Anneli, your poetry was a delight to read. As I read the verses, your love of nature’s treasures comes shining through. As for winter in central Ohio, we will be waiting awhile.

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