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The Most Popular Elusive Guy


I think I see him. I hope he’s got my bag of grubs.

Yes, you’re right! And I see the big sack full of hazelnuts for me.

Er, ah, HERE I AM, Santa. OVER HERE!

Where? I don’t see anything.

When he does come, I hope he brings me a lot of rosehips. Wonder what they’d taste like. In the winter I get tired of these holly berries and mountain ash berries. But maybe the rosehips are too fuzzy inside. They look good though.

Oooooh! Look! He’s got sleigh troubles. His reindeer are conking out. Should’ve got a Tesla Sleigh. With inflation, the price of reindeer food today is high, even for Santa. But even so, the cost of the Tesla Sleigh itself is enough to break the bank.

Yeah, he’s in trouble all right.  Look! He’s turning around. Sniff… there goes that box of dog biscuits I asked for.

I see that. Hmm … I think I hear them complaining about being hitched up so close. Something about social distancing.

Sigh! No herring for supper tonight. Not by special delivery, anyway.

Well, I never! He’s going back to the North Pole. There goes that bunch of tree bugs I asked for.

I’ll go round up some recr-hoots.

Hey, you. Santa’s looking to hire you, Al and the Paca, to be his reindeer substitutes.

What’s that you say? You don’t play second fiddle? Huh! You’d think that in the spirit of Christmas, you’d oblige an old man. I see you are related to those llamas next door with all their llammering. You’re just lazy, the All Packa ya. Well, see if I give a hoot.

Here’s a likely crew.

Say, would you pronghorns like to save Santa’s bacon tonight?

But we’re in Montana.

That’s okay. He’ll have to go by there when he limps home with his rainydeer crew and drops them off. Maybe you can hop on and help get them home before the nightshift begins. Thanks a lot.

I’ve been watching and I don’t see him coming back yet. Must be in the workshop, adjusting the harnesses to the new team.

I think I see him now, with his fresh crew of pronghorns. Funny-looking reindeer. Better than nothing, I guess.

Oh, this is so exciting. We just can’t sit still.

Children, children, not so loud,

Reindeer’s nervous of the crowd,

Send a delegation out,

Find that sleigh, and kids don’t pout.

Let’s go meet him.

This way! This way!

Santa’s big sleigh.

Sliding, gliding,

Santa’s riding.


Now settle down or Santa will think you’re all quackers.

Look how well behaved we are; black and white, eating at the same table together. One big happy flock. We’re a “blended flock.”

Oh, listen to you guys. You think it’s easy being the black swan of the family?

Whaddaya mean? You think you’ve got it bad? You try being a rat. All I did was chew on a few of those lovely black licorice cords in the truck and WHAM! They lifted the trunk and exposed me to the elements. But they won’t see me hiding in the corner. Bet you can’t see me either. I’ve got a really good hiding place in the door well too. I’ll just wait there until Santa brings new wiring for me to nibble on.

One thing we all got for Christmas – not sure if Santa had anything to do with it – was darn cold weather. So when Santa had to fly back to change his Rainydeer tires for the more heavy-duty Pronghorn brand, he asked the North Wind to provide some Puddle Puzzles for us to play with while we await his return.

Actually, I thought the puzzles were more like A-maze-ing. You just try it. See if you can find a path out of this maze.

I hope your Christmas holiday time is amazing too.

Did you find the rat in the truck? Look on the far back right-hand corner of the picture (actually the left side of the truck).

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50 thoughts on “The Most Popular Elusive Guy

  1. This post is so much fun, Anneli! So many beautiful critters. ❤️ I love how you word the post to accompany the photos, and I never did find my way out of that ice puzzle. 🥰🇨🇦

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  2. Oh my goodness! There are a lot of groaners/puns in this one. Very clever Anneli. Looks like Santa has quite a recruitment drive happening! Ha ha ha. Very cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. One thing I know for sure, my Christmas won´t be as amazing as your outstanding blog post. The pictures of all those talking creatures are so beautiful and the stories are very entertaining.
    Love it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A great selection of photos Anneli and a good story to go along with them. Thanks for sharing and have a Merry Christmas. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Smiling! Love all of these and the photos are wonderful! Happy Holidays to you and yours 🔔🎉🎅🎁🎄

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  6. Mögen alle Wünsche für alle Tiere auf dieser Welt in Erfüllung gehen. Wunderschöne Bilder 🤗❤️💫

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  7. A very, very sweet post, Anneli! I love your pictures and the story is lovely. Yes, I spotted the little rat! Season’s Greetings. 🎄

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  8. Merry Christmas Anneli, wishes for your holidays to sparkle with health and happiness, double what you give us on your nature photographs and animal story blog ! You have shown us your best of nature photos in your neighbourhood, 2022. Thank you for your miles of smiles and appreciation of nature. Hugs to you dear friend.


  9. It looks like the whole neighbourhood is on the lookout! The photos and verse are in perfect sync 😊.

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  10. This was wonderful, Anneli! Merry Christmas to you and the Captain!

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  11. What a wonderful collection of photos, Anneli — all combined for a great story. I hope you, the Captain, and all of your critters have a Merry Christmas!

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  12. Did you take all of those photos? The animal shots were awesome. Great zoom-in on that racoon, and the eagle – wow.

    Is that your truck? I’ve heard of this happening with rats or mice to people. My husband used to store his ’66 mustang in my dad’s barn in Wisconsin in the winter (he sold it since). He set all kinds of deterrents and traps around the car for fear of them making a home in there. I heard they’re difficult to get rid of.

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    • Yes, I took the pictures. That is our old truck. It’s a 1994 Toyota and still runs great. It’s the work truck. We have a newer Tundra too and I have my Camry which I love. The old truck sits outside the garage and that’s why the rats have access to it. That picture was taken a few years ago, but I think our rat problem is much less since the squirrels moved into the woodshed. But back then, the Toyota dealer told the Captain that they’d had a lot of people coming in for replacement parts (water lines for the window washer fluid, wiring, and other little hoses). He said the hoses especially had something organic in them – I can’t remember what it was – maybe a soy product, and the rats found them very tasty.

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  13. Great fun! And this glorious assortment of animals photos is such a pick-me-up!

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  14. Great story with so many fitting photos! This has been a super creative year for you, Anneli. Merry Christmas! Hopefully, the cold snap on the Island will ease for this festive day.

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  15. Anneli, what a beautiful and funny story! Yes, a sack full of hazelnuts is always a very interesting thing. It’s always better to watch the sack and not take your eyes off it.
    Anneli, I love your cute animal stories because they always bring me great joy!
    Stay safe and healthy and have a merry christmas time….
    Rosie 🎅☃️🎍🎄

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  16. Actually the rat looks kind of stunned. Fantastic photos, Anneli and such a sweet Santa tale to accompany the photos.

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  17. I enjoyed this plethora of fantastic photos and witty dialogue, Anneli. Great photos and much enjoyed–the bald eagle and great-horned owl in flight, the pronghorn and waterfowl in abundance. I never saw the rat until you pointed it out and I went back and searched. In rural living I have had that problem with mice nesting under the hood, and it is a troubling one; but I never had the unique experience to get a photo of it! Great fun and sweet holiday story. Thanks Anneli, and happy holidays to you.

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  18. Awww…everyone is on the lookout for Santa! This is wonderful. Thank you for taking care of the wildlife close by. They need you and Santa! I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Anneli.

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  19. These images of animals caught my attention Anneli . Thanks Anita

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  20. Loved this! My morning switched over to a smile and happy thoughts with your narrative. The photos (and those Montana pronghorns) add so much to the storyline. Blessings Anneli as another year offers more opportunities to write and take photos.

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