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No Leaping This Year


Lincoln is winding up here, ready to leap into the fray.  Doesn’t he know that 2023 is not a leap year?

A year has 365 and 1/4 days, but how do you have a quarter of a day? We make up for it by having 365 days in our calendar every year, but every fourth year we add one day to even things out.

Next year (2024) will be a leap year, so it will have 366 days (one extra day in February).

Lincoln is not going to leap this year. He’s just getting warmed up.

Only 28 days in February this year, so those poor fellows who were born on February 29 don’t get to have a birthday this year. Someone born on February 29, 2000, would  24 years old next year, but they will only have had six birthdays.

I’m told they celebrate their birthdays on March 1 on the non-leap-years.




Told it’s not a leap year now,

I will practice anyhow.

Getting fit and into shape,

Flying leaps will make them gape.


Look for me in just one year,

I’ll leap branches without fear.

Leaping Lincoln, here I come,

Hope I don’t land on my … er … fanny.



Author: wordsfromanneli

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33 thoughts on “No Leaping This Year

  1. I love this informative post and Lincoln! So cute. ❤️☺️

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  2. Great picture and poem on not leaping of the calendar this year!

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  3. I like your Lincoln posts so much! There he is, getting ready to leap, 2024 or not! Great poem.

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  4. I don´t mind that it isn´t a leap year, this means we are one day closer to Spring. I was happy to see Lincoln again!

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  5. Lincoln is a wise and talented poet. 🙂

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  6. Next year will wait to see Leapin’ Lincoln. Bet he can’t wait. Happy Wednesday Anneli. Allan

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  7. Does Lincoln know that it’s tradition in a leap year for the girls to chase the boys on February 29? At least, that’s the way it was in 1950s Iowa. I suspect that tradition has died, along with Sadie Hawkins day — but my squirrels surely are leaping and chasing anyway.

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  8. Please update this next year. I can’t wait to see what Lincoln does in the real year.

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  9. I came in through my iPhone. I was on a different computer, so maybe there was something with the browser. Anyway, for now this will do. what would a squirrel be without his leaps? Such a cute guy.

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  10. Lincoln is so cute and poetic, too, and what a perfect ending. 🙂


  11. I’ve always wondered about a leap year birthday. Hopefully Lincoln continues to celebrate his 🎉

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  12. Delightful! I always feel a bit short- changed when February disappears a few days earlier than normal. Maybe I should tip Lincoln something more than a Lincoln penny. A Washington quarter sounds much better.

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  13. Time is so interesting, isn’t it? Not only things like leap year, but time zones and the date line – all human constructions. Great picture of Lincoln lumbering up! 🙂


  14. Good to stretch before leaping. Leap years are funny things but exist for a good reason, I suppose. If only the Earth would speed up its orbit a bit, it might make for easier calendars.

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  15. I really enjoyed this post. Lovely wording too!


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