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Spring is in the Air


These common mergansers feel that spring is in the air.

“Ooh! La! La!” Miss Mergie croons.

(Hope these guys are not buffoons.)

“Are ya lookin’ fer some fun?

Do ya care, my hair’s not done?”



“See you boys have on yer suits,

Least ya don’t look like those coots,

Y’all look fine, all dressed up nice,

Looking fer a little spice?”

“Shoulda known they’d take a hike,

After taking what they like,

Now I’m busy night and day,

Keeping predators at bay.”


“Still, it’s worth it, when I see,

Baby ducklings just like me,

Such a cutie, stay near Mom,

Don’t go doing something dumb.”



Author: wordsfromanneli

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30 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

  1. Wonderful, beautiful! Spring is so beautiful, Anneli.

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  2. Great photos and poem, Anneli. There are lots of springy doings in your area; how great!

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  3. Watching the water birds in spring is a special treat. Not much going on here yet, but the goose antics have started. All the keeners arrived before the ice was off the lakes. I can hear their mates scolding them for being in a rush. Have a great day Anneli. Allan


  4. I think you must speak duck😊. Great poem and photos!

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  5. Outstanding photos and poem, love it!

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    • Thank you, Ursula. I find mergansers very interesting to watch – the way they sometimes line up to fish (as if they’re making a net), and the way the little ones scoot along the water, sometimes sticking their head under, looking for fish. And they look kind of special with the hairdo.


  6. Wonderful photos and poem, Anneli. I think spring is finally arriving after all the crazy rain.


  7. We get ducks in our pool often. I know if I don’t scare them away, they’ll lay their eggs in our bushes and their ducklings will get caught in the pool (no way out). But they’re so cute!

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  8. What a wonderful poem, and great Merganser photos. They’re not common here; in fact, I’ve only seen them once. But we have Mallards galore, and today I saw my first babies swimming around. They have the loudest voices in the world, and it’s always obvious when one has gotten separated from the group. A panic-stricken peep is immediately recognizable!

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  9. Here, it’s windy and icy and so your poem and lovely pictures, Anneli brought some spring sunshine into my heart. ❤

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  10. Special fun to celebrate one of my favorite duck species, the mergansers. Fun post, Anneli.

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  11. Her hairstyle cracked me up. But look at all those babies. Cute poem, Anneli. I think spring has come your way. 🙂

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  12. A blessed journey! Spring is finally waking up. The geese around here will soon be welcoming some little ones.

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