Special Delivery

Recently I listened to some of the UN speeches on TV. I like to have the closed captioning feature turned on in case I miss anything they said. I found out that some countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and a couple of others have their food brought in from very far away. Now, I must stress that only a few countries are doing this.

Apparently they have a UFO bringing potatoes in from some other planet, or maybe even from another galaxy. But why just them? Well, the closed captioning said it’s because they have …

a dics tater ship. Honestly! That’s what the closed captioning said: “These countries pretend to have a democracy when in fact they have a disc tater ship.”

I always KNEW there was life beyond our Earth!

35 thoughts on “Special Delivery

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Thanks for the reblog. Very nice of you to do that. I continue to find funny captioning, but can’t make a post about each one. The other day there was a caption about someone having to catch a fairy (to get across the water). I guess he was planning to ride on its back and hold onto its wings.

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  1. kedawithani

    LOLOL… I started reading this earlier, then I got distracted, then I forgot, then I remembered “hey, you were reading something funny go back and find it…” and here I am back to finish my very hearty laugh.


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