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The Treasury Board


Today I put dry chopped up leaves into my garden to keep the winter weeds down and add organic matter to my sandy soil in the spring.  I noticed that some of my strawberries had leapt overboard from the raised bed and were looking for a new home. To dig them up I moved the long board that lay alongside the raised bed (this board once helped to anchor the netting I had over the strawberries).

I pulled the board forward and found hazelnut shells, all empty, and all opened from the top (not cracked and left in two halves).

The stash of hazelnuts went down the whole length of the raised bed.

Each one was empty. Each one opened the same way, with the top eaten out, presumably by something with a small jaw and sharp teeth.

Not my Lincoln then. That squirrel would have hidden and stashed the nuts, possibly buried some near the trees where he sleeps, and the shells would have been cracked lengthwise.

Some weeks back I had seen a mouse in the strawberry bed, but this was a huge stash for a little mouse.

“It wasn’t me. Really, it wasn’t.”

My main suspect is Templeton (E.B.White’s rat). Since Charlotte’s Web, every rat in the world is named Templeton.

He is very brazen, but he’s cute, don’t you think? Once he tried to build a nest in our old truck. That was not so cute. He even went for a ride in it and came back without falling out. We had known he was in there but couldn’t get him out (until much later). After the Captain drove to the wharf to check the boat and came back home, Templeton was still hidden in a space  in front of the door hinge.

“How do you like my new digs?”

So tomorrow I’ll go out to the strawberry bed and see if there is a tunnel dug through my  newly added leaves that I put over the entrance at the side of the treasury board.

And then … we’ll see.


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25 thoughts on “The Treasury Board

  1. As much as those rogue critters are a pain, they are just so darn cute. As long as they stay OUTSIDE, I don’t mind them too much. Templeton is obviously very well fed.

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  2. He is quite cute, not my favourite rodent though😏.

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  3. Beautiful animals, except the naked tail 🙂
    All beings deserve to live ?

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  4. Looks like he’s playing hide and go seek. 🙂

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  5. Very cute Templeton 🙂 but all that hazelnuts? 🙂

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  6. I love your animal menagerie! It could be the start of a children’s book. 🙂

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  7. I once had a rat eating from my bird feeder during a cold, snowy winter. I felt sorry for him and named him Ratatouille. He broke through a vent under the deck and got into the crawl space. Then he called all his friends and told them what a grand place he had found with food and my insulation for bedding. It cost me a LOT of money to have it all cleaned out. Sadly, I no longer have bird feeders. Don’t be charmed by them and check your crawl space!

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  8. They are so adorable, but yes, outside please. That nut stash is sizeable, and such a neat chew job. 🙂

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  9. That critter certainly left a trail of evidence behind! What a little piggie – oops wrong critter, eh?!
    Putting the garden to bed for the winter is a very soulful activity IMHO…

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  10. I agree on all counts, Laura. 😉

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  11. Looking forward to your next post.

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  12. Well, it might not have answers yet. But I hope sometime to figure out this mystery.


  13. They are so sweet but only outside. Inside they all look ugly.

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